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One year later, it’s... not dead?
3rd February 2017

At roughly 6 years old now, what has become of my server? Nothing, it is but a shell of it’s formal self, living in a state of limbo. You can consider it in a white dwarf state now, where it’ll burn dimly for eons before it finally extinguishes quietly.

But we had fun, didn’t we?! At this point (and I’ve been saying this for what, 4 years now?) I’m thinking about pulling the plug. But I look and sure enough there’s a trickle of people who still come on. It reminds me of my vow: that this server will always be around when no other servers work out. So at this point, hell, let’s see how long it can last.

The moment I can pull the plug without anybody noticing is the day it’ll finally be put to rest. If a server goes down and nobody’s around to notice, was it really existing in the first place?

I think it’s dead...
3rd February 2016

I haven’t seen much activity on the server lately.. The activity I do see seems to be from older members in denial that the server is dead.

BUT IT WILL NOT DIE! No. I have five stages of grief to go through, and I’m still on denial. Nah I’ve accepted that it’s dead. At least, it should be totally dead by now. Alas, I’m just too sentimental.

Lookit! On, we are the 1093rd server. Given the massive amounts of servers out there, I think that’s something worth boasting about. We’re ancient. We’re a relic of the internet.

Is minecraft even relevant anymore? I’m not sure if it is or not, I don’t keep up with minecraft news and such, since I’ve more or less lost interest in the game.

With that being said, that sponge project is still up and coming! I think I might try to do something with the server once that starts getting rather stable. It entered beta a month ago, but after some playing around I’m still a little leery of its stability.

Alas, though, the server’s birthday is in… 12 DAYS! Making the server…. 5 YEARS OLD! In internet time, that’s ancient! Perhaps on the 12th or the weekend nearest to, we’ll have some sort of event. Who knows?! Does anyone even read this blog? Nah I’ll go out and find you all. That is, if I’m feeling up for it.

I shall end this update with some final news, I’m thinking about re-affiliating the server with calculatedChaos. Yeah things didn’t go -that- well back in the day, but that community has also died and has as of late been undergoing a restructure, so I’m feeling pretty good that we’ll have better luck this time. I’m not sure if I’ll go through with this or not. Like I sort of touched on a few paragraphs ago: who even plays minecraft anymore?

You all have ways of contacting me, if you have any thoughts and such, do send me an email, skype or steam message (or whatever means of communication you think of).

Map backups has been fixed
17th March 2015

I got us a new backup plugin. The old one continued to back up the map even when nobody was online, so there would be a whole days’ worth of backups that were all relatively the same, and then auto-delete the backups that were actually significant.

I also updated some of the plugins to the latest version because they kept bugging me about it in the console.

A much needed update, as well as a congratulations
15th March 2015

First off, I’d like to congratulate doesbaccas for being the first player to grace the ban list this server iteration.

Secondly, my spring break is over, which means that I can get back to work on the server. I didn’t mean to take a break from everything during spring break, but I did. It wasn’t even a break for me, really, as I was busy at home fixing computers and what not. I could have kept you all updated, but it’d be nothing but a bunch of empty promises of a future that won’t be coming any time within the next week.

I’ve added some more admin powers to the todo list of things that need to get done. For some perplexing reason, they are unable to ban players. Don’t think that I can’t ban you, though!

No progress will be made Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.
4th March 2015

I have a big project I need to do. However, things look pretty open after that, being my spring break and all.

I don't know how much longer I have...
3rd March 2015

I just wanted to thank you all for playing on the server. It’s been a great run, all 4 years of it. However, last night I slept for 13 hours. According to webmd, I am probably going to die soon. It’s been great knowing you all!

Spawn is almost done! Also map expansion.
2nd March 2015

The castle exterior is completely done, which is great when looked at from afar. The interior is pretty barren, though. However I’m pleased to announce a fully working nether portal in the castle’s basement, along with the dungeons, or as some of you like to call it, Zora’s Sex Dungeons™.

The dynmap is being a bit finnicky, and I’m still debating on what should be done about it. It seems highly unstable, but it works rather well. It needs to a full re-rendering, though, and that’s a lot of work for the server. I might replace it with a more efficient mapping software that does the same thing, but isn’t dynmaically updating. We’ll see.

Also, the map has been expanded by 700 blocks in every direction. This puts the closest stronghold within our borders, thus making The End accessible!

Progress has been made!
1st March 2015

Private messaging has had a total extreme makeover: home edition. We now have many intuitive aliases for the /tell command, along with a new command: the /reply command!

You can read all about what the plugin does here: I made it myself. From scratch… All in a day’s work!

Also, our website’s front page now has an rss feed!

I have slept a thousand sleeps
28th February 2015

What a day it was yesterday! Had a big project to finish, classes, a hockey game, and then suddenly I hosted a huge party. Pleasantly unexpected, and quite tiring. All that done with 3 hours of sleep under my belt. I’ve finally woken up, and it’s time to finally get things moving again!

Tomorrow (or late tonight), I start
27th February 2015

Looks like this evening won’t be the beginning of me starting to get stuff done. It turns out I promised someone I’d go to a hockey game, so I’ll be going to that tonight. I promise, though, it’s gonna get done!

Sweet gravy in my speaker system, I am so busy
26th February 2015

I didn’t expect this week to be so busy for me, but it has been, and it looks like it’ll continue to be. However, This weekend I’ll pretty much completely clear to do whatever, so starting about friday evening, I can finally get working on things again. Sorry about my long absense!

Sorry for the delay
23rd February 2015

College is keeping me a little busier than expected, hence the noticeably little progress made on the server. I promise, though, progress is still being made. I haven’t forgotten about it all quite yet.

Road Map
19th February 2015

It’s amazing how relatively busy the server has been lately, given that I haven’t officially opened the server to the public yet. Everybody on here either had the server in their server list from a previous iteration or has a connection to one of the admins or friends of friends of admins.

With that being said, the server is still far from finished. It’s coming along well, but there’s still a lot of work to be done on my part. First off, the spawn still needs to be completed. The spawn castle is looking pretty good, but as it is now, it’s just an empty shell.

Secondly, I still need to develop some custom plugins. We’ve decided NOT to have homes. Instead, as originally planned, this server is going to focus on legitimate transportation methods, such as boats, horses and minecarts. With horses being so important to get around, DrClassy and I have decided to get a plugin that will make horses and saddles more readily available (without making the game unbalanced, of course). The details are still on the drawing board though.

Thirdly, another custom plugin that I need to make is some method of making sure that people’s horses don’t get stolen. There are plenty of plugins like that out there now, but they all seem to have broken in the 1.8 update.

Fourthly, the other custom plugin I need to make is a better teleport plugin for the admins. I don’t like how minecraft’s teleport system works now, and everything online gives me way more than I bargained for.

Fifthly, I still need to add a better private messaging plugin. I’m still thinking about which one, but vanilla’s pm system is sort of a drag to use.

Sixthly, I’m considering adding the anti-cheat plugin. I added it for a little while, but to my dismay it broke all of the doors on the server, so I removed it for now.

This is a lot on my to-do list. I was hoping that I could open up the server this weekend, but with the amount of stuff that I realize I still need to do, it might not be until sometime next week, or even next weekend!

Anyways, thank you everyone for playing on the server already. It’s been a great opportunity for me to give this thing a test drive and tweak it towards perfection.

You are all a bunch of shish mongers
16th February 2015

Body text not needed.